High performance film

We have developed a product line to satisfy the most demanding requests, under the Greenplease trademark. These new products have the highest quality and offer optimum performance whilst being eco-friendly.

These films have excellent physical (strength, welding, shrinkage or stretching, etc) and optical properties (brightness, transparency, etc).

Our products are 100% recyclable, saving raw materials and power. They are produced according to the highest environmental and quality certifications: ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

In addition, the GreenPlease brand will allow us to adapt the product and help you find the right packaging solution, obtaining the highest performance while reducing costs. With GreenPlease, we advise you to improve in the packaging of your products and above all to save with better quality.

Why is Greenplease the best option?

– The best Quality

– Increased productivity

– Environmentally-friendly

– Cost Reduction

– Increased Strength

– Printed or Unprinted.

High Performance Packaging Film

Plastic film for packaging, which you will get a higher performance, improving the quality of your package and saving film.

High Performance Shrink Film

Our shrink film allows you to reduce the thickness, maintaining the same resistance and improving the brightness and transparency.

High Performance Stretch Film

Automatic ultra stretchable film for high performance stretch wrapping machines. This film will allow you to wrap your pallets using much less plastic, helping you to reduce costs.

Prestretched Film

For manual or automatic wrapping. Eliminates the need to use a high performance stretch wrapping machine. It comes already pre-stretched, so the savings are guaranteed.

Food Preservation Film

The film is made 100% with polyethylene, it has a low thickness and high resistance. Suitable for use with all kinds of food, even those containing up to 100% fat. Our film does not contain PVC – R.G.S.: 39.01445-MU